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06.28.05 (10:03 am)   [edit]

The Grand Prix and the Cobalt. Ryan traded in his POS Grand Am for an 05 Cobalt. They are both sexy.

06.27.05 (7:51 pm)   [edit]
Alot has happened since my last post. I would like to say one thing after you see this picture

Muahhahahaha graduated Highschool. Just barely i might add. Passed government with a 65 thank god. I am so glad i pulled it together and made it through. Like to see more graduation pictures?

All i can say is


Tee hee
05.31.05 (5:14 pm)   [edit]
It's been an interesting month. Oh, and from the recent post, i managed to recover cough download cough most of my mp3 's. My big 18 was friday, and suprisingly my dad traded in the intrigue and got an 04 Grand Prix GT. It's really nice. Red with a black and tan interior. Lets just say its nicer than the intrigue and and it has a certain ummph that i cant put my finger on. You really have to watch the speedo because you dont know you're going 75 until you catch yourself cough. He wanted to get rid of the Intrigue because it had roughly 80,000 miles on it, and it was burning oil like a mother. Sad thing though is we only got 3500 for it :( I'm going to miss that car. It was the first car i learned to drive on, and the first car i got a ticket in. Long story, i don't feel like getting into it. All i can say is I'm INNOCENT. Stupid cortland sherriff's thinking they can intimidate me. But oh well, change is good. Tomorrow i'll get some pictures up. I have homework to do, and i dont feel like doing anything. Oh, and this isn't a good thing, but i'm hooked to cigars :X

05.17.05 (2:54 pm)   [edit]
To smite me, my brother deleted my music folder. Do you want to know how many gigs of mp3's i had? 8. 8 FREAKING GIGS OF MP3S ALL FREAKING GONE. I'M GOING FREAKING MAD. IT TOOK ME 2 YEARS TO COLLECT THEM. BUT NOW, THEY ARE GONE. He is going to die. I had disographies of Pearl Jam, Sublime, and Led Zeppelin. What are disographies you might ask? THEY ARE EVERY SONG THE ARTIST EVER PRODUCED. AND NOW, THEY ARE GONE. NO MORE MUSIC, I AM GOING TO DIE. MUSIC IS THE ONLY THING I HAVE IN THIS INSIGNIFICANT WORLD, AND NOW I DONT EVEN HAVE THAT. SO WHAT DO I HAVE IN THIS WORLD? MY LICENSE, AND MY JOB. FUCK THIS SHIT

Fox = no more
05.10.05 (10:45 am)   [edit]
Came home from school today, and noticed there was a flat bed in our driveway. Came closer to the house and i see that MY FOX WAS BEING TOWED AWAY. MY CAR. THE ONE THAT I PAID WITH MY MONEY FOR. NOT HIS :evil:

Prom sucked
05.08.05 (6:11 am)   [edit]
Yeah it did. The only thing i liked out of it we're my shoes. They we're pretty pimp, but anyways, i got there, ate food, mingled, then when people started dancing it started sucking because thats what you do when you have a date. But i didn't have one. Oh well. :(

05.03.05 (5:15 pm)   [edit]

Yup, thats Pennello04 :D

The Fox
04.28.05 (4:56 pm)   [edit]
Thought i might take some pictures of the car, so here is the POS.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

04.27.05 (5:52 pm)   [edit]

Alone once Again.
04.27.05 (2:08 pm)   [edit]
Well once again i'm alone. I picked out my tuxedo today for the prom that is on May 7. I have no date, and i hate to go alone to the prom, but hey, why risk having another fucking girl break my heart. Whatever. I am too fucking sensitive and girls take advantage of that. Good for me. All alone. :(

04.24.05 (4:26 pm)   [edit]
So yeah, hollywood video is ready to have my ass on a platter. I didnt look at the schedule last night to see if i had to work today because i usually only work 1 day on weekends. WELL I HAD TO WORK TODAY 3-8. Tab, the asst. manager who was working today called me around 3:30 ish. The problem was i never checked my phone. I eventually looked at my phone around 6ish, and i saw that tab called. Oh well, i ll probably get fired if she didn't feed my lines of BS. I think you get written up twice for not showing up. Ive already been written up once for being 5 dollars over, so im pretty much F'ed up the A. 3 write ups = termination :(

04.16.05 (5:54 am)   [edit]
After this whole ordeal, i have been feeling alot better since i actually know that i have friends that will back me up on this whole situation. I would go into it more but i dont feel like having more of her immature friends say more stupid shit and spam up my blog.
Word of advice. When your kinda on the brink of not passing in English 12, dont let someone look at your response paper and "rephrase" it. You will get caught. I made the mistake, and i had to take yet another 0. I specifically asked the teacher NOT to tell my mom. My mom works in the same school i go, which is not fun. Let me tell you. Guess what she did. SHE TOLD HER. My mom called me some choice words last night but the one that really got to me was when she called me an embarrasement. That got to me. I dont know. To tell you the truth, if i had over 300 dollars in my savings account. I would've left in the middle of the night last night to just drive somewhere. Thats the way i was feeling. I dont know what would happen, but it wouldve felt good to leave this place.

Why dont I
04.12.05 (5:55 pm)   [edit]
Make this night better and put a gun to my head and pull the trigger?

04.12.05 (4:43 pm)   [edit]
Dont you love how things go awesome one week, then the next week it takes a turn for the worse? THATS WHAT FUCKING HAPPENED. For instance, Lisa and i we're fine last week. This week everything FUCKED up. I dont know whats going on between us. She barely talks to me on the phone anymore, she treats me like im nothing, like im not there. Ive asked her why and she always tells me, "No i dont" And she made up some stupid excuse why she couldnt go to the prom which i was planning on taking her. IT WOULD MAKE ME FEEL SO MUCH BETTER IF YOU JUST SAID TO ME, "I DONT WANT TO DATE YOU ANYMORE" FOR FUCKS SAKE. STOP CONFUSING ME BECAUSE YOU ARE REALLY STARTING TO PISS ME OFF. Sorry, i needed to do that. You know what, i really dont care if you read this. I really dont. What do i have to lose? WHAT Im sorry if i hold things in so i dont upset you. THATS WHO I AM. Im sorry if what i do isnt good enough for you. If you dont like it, too bad.

04.05.05 (1:46 pm)   [edit]
It seriously has been a long time since ive updated this thing. Im just going to start out by saying i'm a taken man 8) Yes, Yes i am. I really like her alot. :D We went to the semi formal together almost a month ago, and i asked her at the end of it if she would be my girlfriend, and she said yes. The only thing that kind of made me nervous was the age issue. She is 3 years younger than i am. To some people that is alot, but i dont think its really a big deal. Oh well. Its all good. :D

Nothing has really been going on in my life these past few months. I finished my computer, the "BEAST" as i like to call it. Its an AMD XP 2900+ processor, 512 mb RAM, 80 gig harddrive, and a Radeon 9250 128 meg video card (which will be upgraded soon) It plays HL2 fine, but pretty much everytime i play HL2 for more than a half an hour, the card will overheat. Cheap card for you :-/ Its kind of cool though, im dual booting winXP pro, and a Linux distrobution, Fedora Core 3. Gotta love open source FREE operating systems.

I still have the good ol' VW Fox which is still sitting in my lawn. Problem is i lost the damn key, (dont ask) and now i m going to end up paying more for a key than i did for the car.

I'd say life has been pretty decent this past month besides the parents breathing down my back because of school issues. Meh, I cant wait till im out of high school. All i have is this month, and May and June. And in may i turn the big 18.

i give up
02.07.05 (12:50 pm)   [edit]
I give up on trying to get a girlfriend. I do. Im sick of them lieing to me saying, "Oh, i dont really want a boyfriend right now, and they go ahead 2 seconds later with one. It just kills me. Every girl i like has either used me, or turned me down. I give up on trying to find one in highschool, because i know how hard i try i will never find one who will like me who i am. I hope you read this, i really do. I could care less on what you think. I wanted to be with you so bad and you go ahead and turn me down and date a freaking junior. This kid has now taken 2 girls from me. I hope he dies, i dont really care if he does. Fuck this shit, i give up. Everytime something starts to go good in my life i.e. getting a car, something like this has to happen and it puts me in shitty mood.

Project Euro-Terd
02.03.05 (7:05 pm)   [edit]

                Thats the name of the new Fox.  Oh, and im not driving that thing home tomorrow.  The thing is totally unsafe to drive, and plus it isnt registered, and no insurance.  If i were to get pulled over driving it with no plates, i would be pretty much fucked.  My license would get suspended, and the tickets would total over 4 grand.  Oh, and the thing has no little or no brakes.  The previous owner had new brakes put on, but they never bothered to bleed them, so there is alot of air in the system.  Luckily i get paid tomorrow, so i can just cash my check, and just pay to have the thing towed.  Its probably going to be around 50-100 bucks, but hey, if i get stopped i would be screwed for life.  Oh, and my parents wont allow me to drive it home.  Its all good i figure it, if i ever hit somebody with no insurance, i would be screwed. 

Chris has a car :D
02.01.05 (4:50 pm)   [edit]

        Heh,  Its been quite a while since ive posted here, but alots been going on.  First off all i actually spend money thats going to benefit me.  I bought a 1987 VW off of a friend for 25 bucks. Muhahhah.  Yes, suprisingly my parents were cool about it.  The only thing is that this thing needs alot of work done to it. New body parts, new interior, new floor pan.  Im going to pick it up hopefully this friday and get it running.  The electrical line to the fuel pump isnt intact so i need to get that fixed before i take it home.  Thats going to be interesting too.  The brakes dont kick in till the pedal is an inch from the floor, and i have to drive it more than 8 miles from my friends house to my house.  My luck ill get stopped and ticketed for driving an unregistered car.  Eh, if it happens it happens.  Its going to sit in my driveway for the rest of the winter, and when spring comes along ill begin working on it.  I cant wait. I finally got a car, and ill have something that i can work on and put around in. 

Hah, yeah, its fucking hilarious
01.21.05 (5:27 pm)   [edit]
DEFENTIONS OF Poop GHOST Poop: The kind where you feel the Poop come out, but there is no Poop in the toilet. CLEAN Poop: The kind where you Poop it out, see it in the toilet, but there is nothing on the paper. WET Poop: The kind where you wipe your butt 50 times and it still feels un-wiped, so you have to put some toilet paper between your butt and your underwear so you don't ruin them with a stain. SECOND WAVE Poop: This happens when you're done Pooping and you've pulled your pants up to your knees, and you realize that you have to Poop some more. POP-A-VEIN-IN-YOUR-FOREHEAD-Poop: The kind where you strain so much to get it out, you practically have a stroke. LINCOLN LOG Poop: The kind of Poop that is so huge you're afraid to flush without first breaking it into little pieces with the toilet brush. GASSEY Poop: It's so noisy, everyone within earshot giggles. DRINKER Poop: The kind of Poop you have the morning after a night of drinking. Its most noticeable trait is the skid marks on the bottom of the toilet. CORN Poop: (Self-explanatory) GEE-I-WISH-I-COULD-Poop-Poop: The kind where you want to Poop, but all you do is set on the toilet and fart a few times. SPINAL TAP Poop: This is when it hurts so badly coming out you'd swear it was leaving you sideways. WET CHEEKS Poop: (The Power Dump). The kind that comes out of your butt so fast, your butt cheeks get splashed with water. LIQUID Poop: The kind where yellowish-brown liquid shoots out of your butt and splashes all over the toilet bowl. MEXICAN Poop:It smells so badly that your nose burns. UPPER CLASS Poop: The kind of Poop that has no odor. THE SURPRISE Poop: You are not at the toilet because you think you are about to fart but...oops...a Poop!!! THE DANGLING Poop: This Poop refuses to drop into the toilet even though you know you are done Pooping it. You just pray that a shake or two will cut it loose.

01.14.05 (6:03 pm)   [edit]
Finally, Tblog is up. Anywho, added music to this thing finally. 50 tbucks to anyone who can tell me who this is

New lyric
01.11.05 (2:59 pm)   [edit]
Memories back when she was bold and strong
And waiting for the world to come along...
Swears she knew it, now she swears he’s gone

Muhahhaah. Try that one.

Ranting time..
01.10.05 (2:03 pm)   [edit]
To start off with, i cant stand superficial people. People who buy 40 dollar t shirts to think they are cool. That is rediculus. With that 40 dollars you could buy 4 black t shirts some where else.

People who act "country" because its the "in" thing right now. Why the hell would you want to act all redneck and shit? "Oh, because its my life" Bull Shit. I hate that. I really do.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest. Dryden is really pissing me off. The teachers, the kids. My English teacher gave me a bad progress report grade because apparently my text book wasnt covered. It was covered the first day she gave them to us. I'm bringing that up with the principle tomorrow not to be a little bitch, but because i need to pass this stupid class so i can graduate. 2 freaking 0's when the book was covered the whole time. Shes freaking crazy. She sent out a kid today because he told her she didnt know how to do progress reports. He was right and it was funny.

I want to go skiing. Saturday one of my friends apparently messed up his pancreas so now hes in ICU. I guess he landed face down on the ground snowboarding, and he kept snowboarding. Kids crazy. Im debating on whether to go up and see him or not, but i dont know any of his family, and it would be kinda wierd.

Tblog sucks
01.08.05 (6:48 pm)   [edit]
Really, it does.

01.07.05 (12:19 pm)   [edit]
New pictures, check em out.

Can you say
01.06.05 (8:24 am)   [edit]
Snow Day?